Well, ok then, saying as this is my last opportunity to be girl for a few weeks. So instead of continuing with the renovations on my old cottage, i went for a lovely drive in the country this morning.

This is after finally going to a TG group night on Saturday where i felt comfortable and relaxed. Thank you Seahorse Vic and those i spoke to, i had a great night (with my wifes blessing as well). Besides being hungry that is as my nerves made me avoid dinner before getting ready!

Interesting research presentation and so relevant to my wife and my situation. Took the plain language statement to share with my wife and perhaps participate as its looking at the mechanisms which support trans lives in a heterosexual marriage.

So, maybe I’ll be able to get out once or twice a month from now on. I think this will make a substantial improvement for me.

Another completely unrelated thing which is having a positive effect for me is the purchase of a new bicycle frame. Managed to get my paws on a frame used by Giant Alpecin last year, its a Giant TCR advanced sl O. Perfect for climbing as the frame only weighs 750grams!


That’s the sexiest photo I’ll ever post!


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