Progress, slowly slowly.

So things seem now to be heading in a scary but ultimately more positive direction for me at last. After a recent discussion with my wife she now seems to understand the concept of me wanting to feel more ‘normal ‘ whatever that actually might be. She gets that living as my male self is hard work and often overwhelming and that when living as my female self I feel contented, calm and ‘normal ‘. She therefore gets that transitioning is all I can do to improve things for myself and ultimately for our family.

To date I’ve seen a specialist psychiatrist, a specialist GP whom will oversee and prescribe hrt, had bloods taken to check, had 2 laser sessions on my face. Next I’ll take a letter from said psychiatrist to the GP and all going to plan will start hrt sometime mid January.

I’ve seen strange looking photo booth things around shopping centres recently purporting to be able to scan a person in 3D, giving accurate measurements for clothing, fitness tracking and a like. I figure it might be a useful tool to visualise transitioning over time so scanned myself this afternoon! To be honest I’m a bit deflated as I quite clearly need to go on a diet, but otherwise.. interesting… They’re called ‘mPort body scanners’ if you come across one and of course you can visualise things using an ‘app’. See

Here’s my first results: